A little longer I am afraid…

The PM announced an easing of restrictions to enable public houses to reopen, however in order to ensure that we do so safely, adopting the new guidance that followed this news, Antic shall be doing so gradually and in phases. This will enable us to bed in the new processes so that we may keep our staff and patrons safe, whilst providing the essence of the great public house in it’s very necessary new guise. It won’t take us very long, and we fully expect to move quite quickly through the gears so that others will quickly follow, but I’m afraid that we at Walker Briggs will not be in the first tranche.

I’m sure that this is as disappointing to you as it is to us, but I trust that you will understand the need for our natural optimism to have a goodly dose of caution during these strangest of days….

Do please keep an eye on our social media channels where we will update our plans to reopen your Walker Briggs, and in the meantime find out HERE where you can enjoy a refreshing elixir within our collective. We shall be back as soon as we possibly can and are very much looking forward to seeing you. It’s been a real shit without you.

The Walker Briggs team.x

Antic public houses now pouring